Solar Light and Power Centers

Your Key to Zero Maintenance Self-Contained Solar Powered Lights Increase Security and Visibility as Navigational Aids, Barge Lights and much more. These are a new line of Self-Contained Solar Powered Lights well engineered using state-of-the-art technology and practical for multiple applications ranging from marine lighting, to emergency phone booth lighting, to airport security markers for parked planes. The application of these lights is limited by your imagination only. They are very compact and easy to use - no more problems with bulbs, batteries or maintenance.

Solar powered dock lights may also be attached to posts. They offer an attractive method of soft lighting and illumination. Our Solar powered lights are highly durable, re-usable, and offer several hours of light with each charge. Whether or not you use our dock lights for security / safety purposes or for simply the aesthetics, our solar post lights will do the job.