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Dock Floats Ltd. offers a variety of practical and unique boat dock accessories, marine accessories, and water sport recreational products for waterfront living.

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Rough Water Deck Kit

These premium steel docks are the perfect solution to handle fluctuating water levels and provide a safe platform for your waterfront enjoyment. 

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Floating Dock Box Truss Dock Frame 2' x 2' Concrete Pavers 24 KR6000 Bumper

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HydroHoist is the only boat lift manufacturer to offer three boat lift control options. We boast one of the industry’s most innovative line of controls. 

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HP Extreme™

The HP Extreme™ is the easiest load and launch of any PWC docking platform on the market.

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Welcome to Dock Floats Ltd

Welcome to Dock Floats Ltd

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Dock Floats Ltd. is the premier marine supply and boat dock supply company in Austin, Texas. We offer top-of-the-line encapsulated flotation, boat dock accessories and hardware for your waterfront living.

Our products include floating dock systems and materials, PWC platform, permaport, PWC docks, dock bumpers, underwater fishing lights, swim platforms, PWC lift, swim rafts, dock boxes, dock ladders, dock wheels, dock edging, dock floats, Styrofoam blocks, pulley, power pedestals, aluminum cleats, solar marine lights, aluminum dock ladder equipment, and other marine and dock hardware products and accessories.

If you own a waterfront property, our floating dock and boat dock accessories should be part of your set-up.  Call us for your hassle-free consultation: 512-266-6035. Our customer service and product selection are unmatched!

We at Dock Floats Ltd. provide comprehensive design support, product supply, and helpful advice to make sure your next dock is built to meet your exact specifications.

Our customer-centered website assists customers in learning more about our product accessories, descriptions, standard features, model number, weight, dimensions, product images, specifications, etc.

Our objective at Dock Floats Ltd. is to be a one-stop source for all your dock and marine requirements, hardware products and accessories. We offer value added products to our customers and a great selection of marine products. We are determined to offer the best customer support in the industry. We serve both residential and commercial waterfronts to dock owners. Whether you require a new floating dock or swim platform we can provide you with quality service at affordable rates.

Marine Hardware Products and Accessories

Marine Hardware Products and Accessories

Our variety of marine hardware products and accessories are:

Swim platforms Dock Floats Ltd. is a full service boat dock and marine supply outlet. We provide swim platforms for dock owners which are custom designed to fit particular models.
Swim rafts We provide swim rafts ideal for outdoor swimming and fun. We are your one-stop source for everything related to float systems - commercial or residential.
Dock bumpers We offer dock bumpers that can be used in factories, warehouses and marine activities. We offer complete solutions for all marine hardware products and accessories .
Dock boxes - Our dock systems, products and dock boxes have high industry standards and long-term reliability and durability.
Dock ladders We offer aluminum ladders, 7-step straight ladders, and 5-step swing ladders at affordable rates.
Dock wheels Our specially designed dock wheels are durable and needed when winds and currents make docking extremely difficult.
Dock edging We provide hand winches, pedestals, cleats and other high quality marine hardware products and accessories . Products like our dock edging are built for extreme weather conditions.
Dock floats Our dock floats are designed and molded for seamless performance. We offer the highest quality at affordable prices.
Styrofoam blocks We at Dock Floats Ltd. provide PWC platforms and Styrofoam blocks that can be cut according to the customer’s specifications.
Pwc dock We provides rope pulleys, PWC dock, floating swim platforms and aluminum dock ladders. Our advanced dock accessories include dock boxes, bumpers and Styrofoam blocks .
Pwc lift We offer PWC lift, PWC platform, dock box, dock edging, pulley, boat lift and more at affordable prices.
Pwc platform We are a full service boat dock and marine supply outlet providing PWC floating dock, swimming platforms, floating swim platform, and other marine equipment.
Solar Marine Lights Our solar marine lights are both small and lightweight, making them simple to install and handle.
Underwater fishing lights Our underwater fishing lights (submersible lights) are helpful for dock owners to attract fishes. We also offer Solar Marine Lights and other marine products.

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