FA 250

FA 250 Black
FA 250 White

Based on the dimensions of this product, a special freight quote will be needed.

FA 250 is a medium duty fender intended to be used for boats from 25′-50′. It can be mounted directly on a piling or mounted on any flat surface.

Standard length of 10’, available in black or white. All FEND-ALL products come with one cap.

FEND-ALL® Fenders are the only continuously supported, double-wall fenders available on the market with an “internal high-energy absorption web” capable of 250+% extension before breakage. This, combined with a special UV stabilized material, makes the FEND-ALL® line of fenders the standard bearer for all marine fenders. They are made of polyvinyl chloride (PVC), designed to face the harshest climates. The material has a brittle point of -7 degrees F and a melting point of 351 degrees F. FEND-ALL® fenders are trademarked, patented and have a life expectancy of 10+ years.