FA 201

FA201 Dock Bumper Black
FA201 Dock Bumper White

Based on the dimensions of this product, a special freight quote will be needed.

The FA201 is available in a standard length of 10' and black or white in color. This fender is primarily intended for use on floating docks. With its larger dimensions, greater wall thickness, and internal highenergy absorption web, the FA201 can handle vessels much larger than the typical floating dock fender available on the market today.  Call for Quote - 1-866-599-5438.

The FEND-ALL® Family of Fenders are the only continuously supported, double-wall fenders available on the market with an "internal high-energy absorption web" capable of 250+% extension before breakage. This combined with a special UV stabilized material will make the FEND-ALL® Family of Fenders the standard bearer for all marine fenders.

Material Data:

Density/Specific Gravity - 1.4400 

Durometer (Shore) Hardness - 90 Shore A

Brittle Temperature - -7° F

Melting Point - 351° F